Shelter / Bangkok

In August 2011 I was lucky to be invited to participate in the workshop / exhibition

Thai : Nordic 2011

at Sanamchandra Art Gallery, Silpakorn University, Bangkok


Art exhibition Thai: Nordic 2011


Seminar poster




One of the basic human needs is the one of shelter and physical protection. In this piece I am trying to describe the notion of shelter and the contrast between the physical and psychological needs that different climates require. In warm climates shade and ventilation is the key, while in cold places insulation is essential for survival. The spiral shape, as well as the bamboo in combination with ceramics, describe a natural movement from sparse to dense, from a warm material to a cold one, from an open space to an enclosed.
The bamboo used in the piece was fresh when the structure was assembled. The indoor climate and temperature will cause the bamboo to dry and warp, gradually altering its’ shape and finally, at some point, pushing the piece to collapse. This process draws parallels to the affects of temperatures rising on earth, but it also works as a metaphor showing how fragile human existence is and how mankind keeps pushing its’ limits.
A million thank yous’ to Mim, Ong, Taye, the Art Centre at Silpakorn University and all the other people who made this great experience possible.
More images from the work process behind the piece Shelter.


Cleaning bamboo in the wood shop


Making clay coils in the ceramic department


Loading the big gas kiln, later the same day


Starting the firing


New cut bamboo, prepared for assembling


Traditional cutting


Assembling bamboo and ceramics with steel wire


Assembling each section


Lifting the structure


Beginning to move the structure in to final shape




Detail of the finished piece


More detail, and shadows


A school class visiting the opening


After the collapse