"Figurante", porcelain, wood. Detail.

“Figurante”, porcelain, wood. Detail.

The fall of 2015 I participated in Uppsala municipality’s art project “Inside out”, where 8 artists made works using Andreas Vesalius’ anatomical illustrations from 1514 as starting point. The pieces were presented on big screens in Odinslund for three months starting September 12th. My piece could also be seen at Uppsala Art Museum during the same period of time. It is now a part of Uppsala Kommuns permanent art collection.

The piece ”Figurante” uses the historical settings of the anatomical theatre and the dissections of Vesalius’ time as a starting point for a discussion about the connection between body and landscape, or rather cityscape. The dissections seem to have been carried out as plays, the audience being figurants in dark dramas.

White porcelain shards on a dark matt red brown surface describe both a female figure with scarred arms and at the same time a city map, drawing parallell between body and landscape and the vulnerability of the human body, especially women and girls, in today’s society and public space.

(Figurante: a female performer with no spoken lines.)

Work in progress

Work in progress