What happens when body and object meet? How can a story be told in porcelain? In my artistic work I have been focusing on investigating objects’ relationships to one another, and to the surroundings in which they exist. My work crosses boundaries between ceramic practice and land art, installation art, architecture and performance based works, many being collaborative projects. The pieces are often conceptual, mixed media, large scale and site specific. They have strong scenographic features, dealing with and relating to materiality, spatiality, architecture and the use of public space.

Many of my pieces are airy and large-scale and form a stage like feeling when activated by audience, movement and light, creating a space where the lines between the human physical existence and the infrastructure that surround us are blurred. I am interested in the ways in which scale and number affect interpretation, in the subtle language of the non-obvious and how our perceptions are challenged as we consider the transition of private to public. Through symbols and abstract, as well as recognizable forms, I explore themes such as the human condition, social issues and dreams.