Solitudes 2011

Solitudes #11, Kunststation Kleinsassen

Solitudes is a series of spatially investigating pieces based on the repetition of the same variable: porcelain rods and cotton string, out of which this is the tenth. These installations also describe borders; floating infrastructures, rooms to get lost in or hide inside. The design reflects the basic shape of the ladder, repeated over and over again and thereby creating volume – repetition meets large-scaleness, detail meets spatiality. Visually they relate to and work with the surrounding architecture in a way that challenges the viewer’s general interpretation of the space. They are, both out of practical and ideational reasons, site specific.

Solitudes #11, Kunststation Kleinsassen

Solitudes #11, Kunststation Kleinsassen

Solitudes #10, Galleri 1, Uppsala, 2011

March 19, 2011
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Sakrament I-III

Sacrament I-III is a type of modern confessionals, not so much places for penance but rather physical screens illustrating the border between private and public, concealed and open. Places from which it is possible to watch without being seen, barriers between an outer and inner self. The form and esthetics behind the pieces are inspired from the traditional confessionals used in the Catholic Church, as well as from Islamic ornaments. The framed stoneware tiles are built up by many small clay pieces. The woodwork is done in collaboration with the carpenter Alberto Perea Jerez.

Picture from the show Hide and Seek, Uppsala, February 2011


Sakrament I, detail

March 12, 2011
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