Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium 2009-11

2009 - Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium ARCHIVE Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium | Comment

Listen to a sound clip on Swedish National Radio (Mitt i musiken) from Monday September 5 2011 about the latest work in progress performances of Dreamseminar:

MiM Drömseminarium i New York

Below are images from the dress rehearsal / Work-in-Progress performance of Dream Seminar/ Drömseminarium. Västerås Konserthus, Lilla Salen, on June 18 2009.

"Minnena ser mig"

"Längre in"


"Längre in"




Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium 2008

2008 - Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium ARCHIVE Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium | Comment

Dream Seminar / Drömseminarium

Set design. A new piece for music-theatre based on the work of contemporary Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer. Bilingual, mixing the original Swedish with English translations. The raw material for the piece is being developed through a series of development workshops, through improvisation by 25 artists from 7 different countries, a true international collaboration. Premiere in Sweden and New York, 2010. For more info: www.companionstar.org/fortheliving

Photos from rehearsals at Västerås Konserthus, June 2008. With support from: Västerås Stad, Landstinget Västmanland, Länstyrelsen i Västmanland, Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, American-Swedish Foundation and New York State Council on the Arts.